Volume Six of the ‘Most Essential’ Album List Makes it to Market

The idea for 100 Most Essential Albums of the Decade compilation emerged many months ago. Since then, a smattering of similar lists have sprung to life; but in the (presumed) haste to recap the decade, many of the resulting products have been–to put it mildly–less than comprehensive. Now, by no means are we declaring this list to be infallible. Lists never are, and that’s part of their appeal. Our intentions were far simpler: to compile a retrospective that would not only celebrate the most impressive albums of the past ten years, but also to provide a versatile guide for enthusiasts that may be new to the genre.

Whittling this tome down to a svelte 100 entries was no easy task. Collectively, the MR Team nominated nearly 400 albums. After an arduous voting process to establish the top-ranked albums, it was then decided that each band would only be represented once.

We’ve broken the list down into ten-album volumes, attempting to take a cross-section of the decade with each swipe. It’s important to keep in mind that this is not a ranking of the “best albums of the decade.” This is just a comprehensive collection of killer albums that every metalhead of the 00’s should have in their library, and hopefully a solid jump-off point for the acquisition of at least 100 more. Volume 6 of Metal Review’s ten volume set can now be found here.

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