GWAR Heading to Virginia for GWAR-B-Q on August 18th

GWAR is making their way toward the state of Virginia for their 3rd Annual GWAR-B-Q at Hadad’s Water Park for the weekend of August 18th.

Slave Pit spokesman Dave Brockie had this to say “We are really exciteAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” as he unexpectedly received a battle-axe through the head delivered by Oderus Urungus, GWAR’s lead singer, who went on to say—

“The countdown is on and we are in the homestretch. The GWAR-B-Q is in a mere…number…of days. Or something. We don’t have math on Scumdoggia. Math is dumb. I do know that August 18th is right around the corner and across this miserable planet humans are preparing to meet their masters in an event that even I am looking forward to! Even now the stench of the blazing cauldrons of meat (and some veggies) has spread over a state-wide swath, and the glow of the mighty fires can be seen for miles! Head’s will roll, your skull is my bowl! See you at the GWAR-B-Q!”

The grossly overweight Floobis had this to say-

“I have worked in the adult entertainment industry all year to save up enough to get to the GWAR-B-Q,” he said, drool cascading down his zit-bloated chin. “Now that I have thousands of dollars, inexplicably, I am still hitch-hiking.”

The festivities start the night before at local club Strange Matter as Brockie plays host to the “B4BQ”, featuring a slew of other bands that really wanted to play at the GWAR-B-Q but can’t. Check it out at

Of course a GWAR-B-Q would not be complete without tons of food and booze!

Check for updates at or the official GWAR FB page

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