Big Dad Rich of TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION Celebrating 4/20, Writing Music, and Southern Fried Texas Rock

xFirauth of hooked it up with Big Dad Rich of Texas Hippie Coalition and talked about everything from the band’s new album Peacemaker, celebrating 4/20 in 2020  with Cheech and Chong, and how they write their music with the BBQ pit smokin’ in the background.  Here’s a small portion of that interview but to read the rest, you need to head here.

xFiruath: It was recently brought to my attention that in the year 2020 it will be 4/20 for an entire month. What will Texas Hippie Coalition be doing to celebrate that momentous occasion?

Big Dad Ritch: Well we won’t be working that month. Unless High Times magazine HIGHER’S me, get it HIGHER. Kiddin, THC will be smokin… Maybe a month long festival featuring the great smokers of all time. Willie Nelson could headline, Snoop dog main support, THC as the opener, with Cheech ‘n Chong as the hosts. Got myself excited I’m looking forward to that gig.

xFiruath: T.H.C. is definitely a rock band, but there’s obviously heavy metal present there too. What sort of music do you call Texas Hippie Coalition, and which group do you seem to draw the most fans from?

Big Dad Ritch: Yeah, some call it red dirt metal, others refer to it as Southern fried Texas rock. It’s hard to genre assign this band and I believe it has to do with our vast influences. Starting with the Outlaw’s Waylon n Willie, the man in black Johnny Cash, southern rock legends ZZtop, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, party bands Motley Crue, Cinderella, powergroove of Pantera, Corosion of Conformity, and Clutch. When a fan says man did I hear a little Cash in there, it makes you go “damn that shined through.” I also believe this is the same reasons our fan base is so diverse. You’ll see cowboys, bikers, blue collar, rednecks, Nascar fans, WWE fans, UFC fans, college kids, and parents. Our fans are badass they have their own chapters worldwide, their organized, and they wave the THC flag high ‘n proud.

xFiruath: How does the band usually write new music?

Big Dad Ritch: We Bar-B-Q, do a little smokin’ on the grill, drink some, write some, smoke on the grill some more. It’s a rough process sometimes it takes us days.


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