DEFILER’s Newest Album ‘Nematocera’ Available for Pre-Order

Defiler is letting their fans pre-order their their newest album, Nematocera.  You can pre-order it at MerchNow in a few different packages.  The album can be in your hands on October 9th.

Defiler pre-order packages will include an instant download of “Metamora” and a digital download of the full album on release day.  Other bundle options include a physical copy ofNematocera, a band poster and a variety of Defiler merch options including different t-shirt and hoodie designs.  Pre-order bundles are available at

The band premiered a stream of “Iconclast” off the new album Nematocera and you can go listen to it here.

If you’re diggin’ on getting a free download of the track then get your butts over to the band’s website.

Defiler Nematocera Tracklisting – October 9th 2012

1. Lucky 38
2. The Regulators
3. Octobortion
4. Movin’ On Up The Nation’s Chain
5. Brick Killed A Guy
6. Walk In The Glow
7. The Subway
8. Elmo St. Peters
9. Iconoclast
10. Twinrova
11. Nuclear Anomaly

12. Metamora
13. Nematocera


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