LÚMINE CRIPTICA Releases New Video for “Falling to Nowhere”

Lumine Criptica, the gothic death metal band from Argentina, has released their new video for the track ‘Falling to Nowhere” via Jedbangers Magazine.  You can get a look at it below.

“The video was directed by Cristian Trefny and Ariel Rey” says Inés Vera-Ortiz, Lumine Criptica vocalist. “it was shot in three different sessions: one at IMPA facilities, a reclaimed factory that turns into a Cultural Center and the other two session were held in studio.”

The concept of “Falling to Nowhere” revolves around an internal struggle of a person against his feelings. The singer explains that, “it talks about the clash between the violent and the rational side… to try to master aggressive impulses that arise from the depths of each one of us and we did not know we had inside. “

The video, accompanied by his “Making Of”, is part of the next release of Lumine Criptica. This is their first live DVD entitled “Echoes of a Night Mirage”, which was recorded during the show at the Roxy Live! provided last year

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