‘Lawson White Heat’: Action Comedy feat. Members of Ravage Available Online for Free

Lawson: White Heat, the “hilarious feature-length action comedy adventure extravaganza” featuring cameos by present members of Metal Blade Records recording artists RAVAGE and produced by former RAVAGE members John ‘The Ogre’ Koziol, Barry Delahanty, and Tommy Grimaldi is now online for free viewing at www.lawsonwhiteheat.com

The film made it’s theatrical debut at a sold-out midnight screening at The Kendall Theater in Cambridge MA on May 2nd. The star of the film, Mike Egan, will also appear in the forthcoming video for Ravage’s song “Grapes Of Wrath” – currently in post-production. The film’s producers are currently at work on a cartoon series which will feature characters from the film.

RAVAGEs The End Of Tomorrow album was released by Metal Blade Records on August 28.

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