We Need You!! Become Part of the Braingell Team as a Music News Writer!

Braingell.com is looking for more writers to add to our team.  If you think you can write about shows you’ve seen, albums you’ve listened to, interviews you’ve done, then we’d like to have you!

This position will not involve any money exchange but you’ll have the opportunity to see your name on our website and all the fame, notoriety, and self-glorification that that brings.  Your articles will also be shared/posted on our MySpace website (numerous times throughout the day), Digg, Yahoo Buzz Up, Google Buzz, and our Facebook page.

I know that there are some writers-in-hiding out there.  If all you want to do is write a review about a band/album/gig you hated then that’s cool.  This isn’t Rolling Stone magazine.  I’m just looking for honest thoughts and opinions with a sense of decorum.  Hit me up people.  Let’s work together to make Braingell Radio/Braingell.com the best metal place to be out there!

Keep bangin’  \m/

Contact me (Rhonnie) at rhonnie@braingell.com

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