DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT – Epicloud Review Release Date 18 September 2012

So Devin Townsend from Vancouver BC, Canada is back at it again with yet another addition to his album collection for the Devin Townsend Project.. This one being number 5 (Other albums include Ki, Addicted, Deconstruction and Ghost).

Ki was the first to set the benchmark of things to come, and each album thus far has been Epic, and ‘Epicloud’ is no exception. Devin originally started writing this album in Perth, and was actually attempts  at writing the new Ziltoid album Z2 (Zed Squared), but ended up being “poppy hard rock Bull shit”, So it ended up being a huge collection of demo’s to which in turn he put forward to create Epicloud.

The Album itself is a 2 disc album if you buy the Deluxe edition which is limited to 5’000, otherwise it will be a single disc or single 12” Vinyl. The second disc contains some of the demo’s as well as songs created for the main album which didn’t quite make the cut.

Epicloud, from the horses mouth, “Its basically like, Heavy sort of like, not love songs because its like not based on copulation or anything, its like based in… an adult relationship, you know I like the idea that, you know, I’ve been married for so many years and its like, that, you know I like to compromise, that sort of thing”. [Taken from Soundwave TV interview with Devin Townsend]

Devin has brought Anneke Van Giersbergen back once again to record vocals. If your a Devin fan, you may remember her from the awesome vocals she recorded on the Addicted album. Ryan Van Poederooyen is back on the Drums, Brian Waddell on Bass and Dave Young on Guitar. A Gospel choir has been used to start and end the album, the transition from this to full on Metal has been done seamlessly, along side the usual Orchestra in the background that Devin is best known for in the last 4 albums he has done as DTP (Devin Townsend Project) and obviously just about every other solo Album naming no names….. ‘Ziltoid’….. Cough. But in true Devin style, he crosses over from the serious to the down right stupid with ease, as seen and heard in one particular song, Track 3 ‘Lucky Animals’, At first it does sound as though he has lost his mind but the reality of it is that we as human beings are the lucky animals, and we are all lucky, to have the ability to cognitively think about how we are to appear to other animals on this planet. We are all Lucky to be where and who we are. And if you flip that coin and continue listening, one track stands out above the rest, Track 9 ‘Grace’.

Grace has quite a few elements that define what Devin is about. At the start of this song has very clear aspects of Ki and Ghost, intermingled with the superb vocals from Anneke, Very calm a serene. Then an almighty beat like what you would hear from some of the songs from deconstruction but with that calm temperament kept throughout but unique in every way.

Even though the second disc (deluxe edition only) is all demo’s, it is still a very fascinating listen. Containing songs that a longer than most on the main album it is a wonder why he just didn’t take his time and produced another double album like he did with Decon and Ghost, but in saying this I hated having to wait for Decon to be released and Devin knows his fans hated it too. Aside from that after listening to the entire second disc 3 times now (I’m listening while I type) is easy to see that some of these wouldn’t fit into the atmosphere that Epicloud is about. Not to take anything away from the demo’s as they are all unique in there own way and you can imagine what sort of mood Devin was in when he wrote them.

The downfall with the album is it includes a track from ‘Physicist’ one of Devin’s early solo albums from 2000, Kingdom in itself is a very good song but it sounds identical to the original, and should have been left out altogether. The Title track ‘Epicloud’ (track 14) is only available on the Vinyl release as a bonus track, Yes, true it will sound even more awesome in true analogue format, but most of us do not own equipment that was outdated over 20 years ago. Its not even available as a download which is even more infuriating to the Devin worshippers out there.

In conclusion the album is very unique and depicts aspects of what the album is about across to the listener with ease, very soft and yet still very powerful, with a wide variety of different types of music incorporated  that on paper wouldn’t work but Devin has brought everything together to make this album a Fucking Awesome one. Still proving he is still one of the most diverse and talented musicians alive.

Sources from:  Wikipedia, Soundwave TV,, Dave Young Twitter and Devin himself.

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