PAPA ROACH – “The Connection” Review; Release Date October 2nd 2012

Here we go with the seventh album from Papa Roach. It is nice to see that they have finally taken their time to produce an album rather than running through it as quick as possible to put cash in their back pockets, Metamorphosis is the clear example of this rushing and producing a sub-standard record. The Connection has a lot more depth and features a more diverse range in instruments, samples, keys and more time overall spent in the studio to create something that is worthwhile.

The usual suspects perform on this album, Jacoby Shaddix on vocals, Jerry Horton on lead guitar, Tobin Esperance on bass and Tony Palermo on Drums. However not much information is available on who helped them in the studio but they started recording this album November 1st 2011, and during this time they contributed the track ‘Even if I could’ to the blockbuster Marvel film ‘The Avengers’ (not everyone can say that, they must be doing something right). Tour dates are still to be decided for when they go out and perform this album live.

Very atmospheric, slow and open is just a couple of terms I use to describe the whole album, very different from the tight and snappy sound from previous albums, almost as if they have taken a leaf out of some of the more heavy metal bands out there which rely on atmosphere to define their style of music, but obviously no way new as hard. You can tell Jerry and Tobin (Guitar and Bass) has worked extremely hard to make each track its own, while keeping a similar theme throughout the album, technical riffs and great sounding leads which blend better than a smoothie. Tony (Drums) on the other hand has done well, although I think he is a little repetitive, not to take anything away from him as the theme of the album has been maintained and he is a fantastic drummer in his own right, it just seems he had very little input.

I keep banging on about the atmosphere in this album which is very reminiscent of 30 Seconds to Mars, (one band I hate and will never listen to or review) but without the pussy factor, this is immediately apparent on the first track, which just happened to be called ‘Intro’. Powerful, almost cinematic with lots of reverb, echo and lots of sound samples with a hint of that digital’ness setting the mood for what is to come. In fairness that same sound can be found throughout the album, more apparent towards the end of the album as it reaches its climax.

If you like a wide variety of music stretching to pop bull crap and this dub step shit you will love this album, however, some aspects of these other types of music is overdone, too much digital BS can be a little overpowering, yes, it will break the song up, and admittedly it does ‘go’. But no matter what track you listen to, it seems like it was forcibly chucked in there just to rape the song and make it feel defiled forever.

In conclusion a very different album all round to what we have come to expect from the hip hoppy / Rap and speedy creations that they are best known for. This album is almost telling us that they have matured and their balls have finally dropped. Apart from the forenamed problems with the album, it still is worth listening to………… just.

Sources:  Wikipedia, Kerrang Radio Interview, and Papa Roach Facebook Page

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