Fashion Bomb – Visions Of A Lifted Veil

FASHION BOMB’s sophomore effort, Visions of a Lifted Veil, continues the industrial-tinged metal formula the Chicago-based band delivered on their 2006 debut, Devils to Some, Angels To Others.

Vocalist Val has a voice that can scream, croon or melodically carry a song while bandmates Trace and Acid lay down hypnotic and pulsating bass and guitar rhythms, respectively. Trace and Acid also contributed to recording the drum parts; other band members, simply known as Drone1 (drums) and Drone2 (guitars), are used in the live setting.

Produced by Raymond Herrera (Fear Factory, Arkaea), with mixing and production by Jeremy Blair (Guns N’ Roses, Ill Nino), Visions of a Lifted Veil is full of melodic-yet-angry hooks, distorted buzz-saw riffs, rumbling bass lines and precision syncopated percussion rhythms. Programming and samples add to the overall psychotic tone and atmosphere of the compositions.

Val takes an apocalyptic approach to his lyrics: poetic and mostly metaphorical.
“The record references aspects of the end of days and the completing of the circle.” he said. “It addresses the preventability of our own destruction and the inevitability of human nature.”

“The Meek,” which debuted on the band’s Web site two months before the official release, commands your full attention. Tool-esque “The Vow” is a moving and emotional display of songwriting. On “Sick One,” you won’t be able to control yourself from chanting Sick! Fuck! Sick! during the chorus. The pulsating rhythm of “Detritivore” and the Ministry-like riff of “The World Will End With Us” help deliver some great sounding tracks.” Fashion Bomb’s choice of cover songs always has a unique twist, such as Mötley Crüe’s “Looks That Kill” from their debut. On this release, they surprisingly cover Tori Amos’s “Crucify” in true FASHION BOMB style.

The only downside to Visions of a Lifted Veil is that some songs sound too familiar, as if the band’s influences start to invade their own sound. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Fans of Tool, Ministry, Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, Fear Factory and NIN will find something very likeable about Visions of a Lifted Veil.


Rating: 8/10

Label: Full Effect Records


By Kelley Simms

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