THE ACACIA STRAIN – “Death is the Only Mortal” Review – Release Date October 9th 2012

New record label, new album, The Acacia Strain are going from strength to strength and seem to be progressing quite nicely. Originally formed in 2001, a relatively new band when compared to some of the other big boys who have been doing this since the 70’s and 80’s, have gone through a few band members and record labels, so not the best past, but sticking through the shit regardless.  Under their new Label ‘Rise Records’ since April 17th 2012, they have gone and brought forth this intimidating new album, ‘Death is the Only Mortal’ which was announced shortly after recording started in July 2012. Daniel ‘DL’ Laskiewicz, the band’s Lead and Rhythm guitarist, produced the lot at his own personal studio in western Massachusetts, and in such a short time they have created this ‘killer’ album.

Vincent Bennett, Vocals, has been with the band since they formed, on his first album, ‘And Life is Very Long’ he made his presence known to the world of Metal Core. Not as over powering to the point of “What The Fuck Are You Saying?” then having to search the sexnet to find out the lyrics unless it is just pure garble, Just like a more than a few out there. No, it is actually comprehensible, but keeping that super intense growl. I will even go as far as to say you could sing along, ‘if’ you had a large glass off water and supply of throat soothers.

Daniel ‘DL’ Laskiewicz, The bands guitarist, and only other original member of the band, has made this album something that is to be admired, not only writing and creating, but also producing this album in such a short amount of time. Keeping with the original sound, and super dropped tuned heaviness, keeping the riffs steady and simple, works great, but have tried almost going to the melodic side of things, adding clean tones and harmonies in every now and then, still very Crunchy and deep.

Since 2005, Kevin Boutot has been blasting out drums since the band signed with Prosthetic Records. T ought by his farther in Connecticut has a…. we will say, ‘reasonable’ metal history. Since leaving school he has been in three other bands, the most accountable being Stillborn Records, ‘A Thousand Falling Skies’. Not the greatest of drummers as he lacks the creativity you can find from the more seasoned players, but his ability to translate across riffs with that ultra low bass, and enhancing the guitar is just good enough to get him by, for the time being, I would like to assume the more he plays, the better he will get.

To the newest member since 2006, Jack strong, Bass and backing vocals is doing a bitching job. Ever since he joined, he has made a huge impact, giving that guitar sound EVEN MORE CRUNCH, as their fans have said time and again, “The Acacia Strain is HEAVY AS FUCK”. And listening to this album, “They are even MORE Deathly HEAVY”, almost border-lining Brutal Death Metal. Jacks Vocals intermingle with Vinnies so well, at times its hard to distinguish between the two.

This album as a whole is very intense, the only way you should listen to it is with your stereo or amp turned to ’11’, and watch everything shake of tables, shelves and across the floor. Tesla’s Earthquake Machine couldn’t do the damage this album could.

Track one ‘Doomblade’, appropriately named, conveys almost a story, like reading that little bit of writing on the back of a book, DVD or game, It portrays EXACTLY what to expect. And track after track after track is mind blowing, everything ties together, everything hits the right note, and in general ‘that’ story is told throughout to the last song, ‘House of Abandon’. Again appropriately named, ending the story perfectly, almost giving a hint of that melodic sound that you would expect from some of the best artists out there. Hell I would even go as far to say, it sounds reminiscent of some of the work Devin Townsend produces, not quite as heavy as this, but after listening you will know what I mean.

Downsides, let down by the drums, although everything works very well and is mind melting, it just a shame the drums didn’t have more freedom to be a little more creative.

Conclusion.. HEAVY AS A FUCKING REALY HEAVY THING SAT ON YOUR NUTTS! Most impressive, blows their last album (which only just made it into the top 200 album chart) out of the water. I would suspect this will do a lot better, and should be appearing higher up the album chart.

Sources:  TAS facebook and myspace, TAS studio updates on youtube, and wikipedia.

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