Rage UK Xmas #1?

There is a Facebook campaign in the UK to get Rage Against the Machine’s 1992 song Killing in the Name Of as the UK’s Xmas number 1 single. The campaign was started by metallers who are fed up with Simon Cowell, and his X Factor winner getting the #1 single at Xmas. There are currently 600,000 members on Facebook in the UK, and as all downloads now count for chart positions, there is a real chance that the F*** word strewn song could end up at number 1. Bookmakers in the UK have slashed the odds of it hitting number 1, from 100/1 down to 3/1. All downloads from 13th December will count towards the Xmas chart. simon Cowell has been quoted a saying that the campaign is “stupid” and “cynical”

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