ROMEO MUST DIE Calls It Quits; Releases Video

Romeo Must Die have disbanded and have issued the following statement about deciding to call it quits and performing a farewell show:

“After 6 years Romeo Must Die announce the news of a consensual parting of ways. We would like take this opportunity to collectevely thank and acknowledge the efforts and belief of a few special people:

“Adam Sagir and Nelly at The Noise Cartel, Scott Atkins at Grindstone Studio’s, Mr James Frank Britton, Alexander Milas and Metal Hammer, Sam Dawkins, Tom Winch, James Hackett, Steve Collinson, Ben Sullivan, Jason Bowld, James White, Mark Swinney at In At The Deepend Records, Tom Guy, Nigel Crane, Sammie Pennington, James McGarrity, Jodie Gasson, Jax Howarth, Sabrina Treagust, Kamran Haq, Josh Harding, Fedj, Amanda Folit, Karlie Marland, Evile, The Defiled, Sylosis, Billy and Biohazard, My City Burning, Textures….. and anyone who has booked us, came to our shows, housed and fed us or supported us in anyway… We sincerely raise a glass to you.


“Come and celebrate with us at our last ever show at: Scruffy Murphy’s, Birmingham on Friday 19th of October and please also visit our store to take advantage of our farewell sale. CD’s just £1 and t-shirts are only £1.50 each at this location.

“And finally…. As a farewell treat we have released the EPK video footage that we sent to over 20 record label executives in 2010 before we released ‘Hardships In Season’ on our own Record label. Enjoy! It really has been a disgustingly sweaty pleasure playing for you guys and girls…”

Side note:  The short film below was sent to record labels back in 2010 to get some media attention and a record deal.  The clip was sent to over 20 label exectutives with a personalized plea and a bloodied human USB thumb.  The band filmed, directed, and staged the whole thing.

After 5 hours of relentless filming the torture scene left vocalist Adam with chunks of hair missing, a broken nose and 9 stitches to an inch lot gash on his chin. 

Only now after the band have announced their split that they have decided to release this clip and let it expose the proof that the music industry is a tough place to get noticed if your face doesn’t fit….. Maybe these guys were too damn ugly to be part of the new pretty-boy Metal/Hardcore scene…. RIP RMD

The band are having a huge farewell SALE at items from £1 or $1.60 American.


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