KISS Ain’t Taking Shit From any Radio Station DJ’s!!

You don’t fuck around with KISS!  Especially on the radio!  The DJ’s at a Houston radio station found that out when they had the band on the phone to discuss KISS’ new album “Monster” that was released on Oct. 9.  The DJ apparently didn’t do his homework and that sit too well with Paul Stanley and Tommy Thayer.  Shame on you, you blasphemin DJ, for not knowing about KISS!

I was hoping that I wasn’t going to have to type out the whole conversation but it looks as though my computer blows and the video like I was hoping to show you isn’t working.  If you can get it going on your computer, then here ya go…

Sooooo…here’s the phone interview.

As Blabbermouth reports, the show led off with Stanley and Thayer being asked if Kiss was “still playing” and “going around town to town with your sticks and your guitars and your makeup.” Rather than simply hanging up, Stanley gave as good as he got, retorting, “Yeah, we’re still doing that. You still have a job?”

“We’re still doing ours. That’s today. May not be tomorrow,” one of the DJs said, while Stanley shot back, I was listening a little earlier. I’m surprised you’re on. But hey, let’s make the most of this.”

Things only got worse from there, with the hosts asking when Kiss would be coming to Houston — and quickly being informed that the band had just passed through. “Well, we were there, but I guess you were locked up, ’cause we were just there recently and had a big, sold-out show at the outdoor amphitheater in Woodlands,” Stanley responded, at which point he found himself obliged to inform Walton and Johnson that not only was the band’s current tour complete, but they’d been out on the road behind a new record.

“We have a new album out called ‘Monster,’” explained an annoyed Stanley. “I’m glad you did your homework. And you are who? Walter and Johnson?”

“I’ve gotta let you go,” responded one of the DJs, disconnecting the call and complaining to his co-host, “This is B.S. Why were we forced to talk to these jacka—-?”

“I’m not sure,” responded his partner. “I thought they had something to say. I don’t even like’ em.”

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