Amalgamate: Seventeen Track Sampler from The End Records

The End Records is thrilled to offer AMALGAMATE, a seventeen track sampler on iTunes for only .99 cents. Featuring an exclusive track from Dir En Grey, plus unreleased songs from upcoming albums by Creature With the Atom Brain, Sigh and Early Man, AMALGAMATE showcases The End’s heavier artists conveniently on one album. See the link and track listing below.

AMALGAMATE track listing:

1.    Dead Girls Are Easy – The 69 Eyes
2.    Dozing Green (Live) – Dir En Grey
3.    Transylvan! ia – Creature With the Atom Brain
4.    Liar – Emilie Autumn
5.    Running Out of Roads to Ride – Cable
6.    Grinding the Knife Blade – Goes Cube
7.    Someone Else’s Nightmare – Early Man
8.    Rapture of the Empty Spaces – Karl Sanders
9.    A Eulogy for the Living Lost – November’s Doom
10.  The Best Way – Suicide City
11.  Der Weg (Live) – Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
12.  L’art de Mourir – Sigh
13.  Architect – Hull
14.  The Indweller – These Are They
15.  Milorg – Vreid
16.  Old – Sarke
17.  Sin Goddammit – Fenriz Red Planet & Nattefrost

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