DEVILDRIVER Talks About Upcoming Album For Release in Sept. 2013; Possibility of New COAL CHAMBER Album

In a recent interview with a station out of Grand Rapids, MI, DevilDriver vocalist Dez Fafara discussed the status of an upcoming album, which he says will probably see a release in Sept. of 2013. He also states that he and the members of Coal Chamber are tossing around the possibility of a new album.

Fafara states, “About a week ago, they [Coal Chamber] sent me some new tunes and said, ‘Hey, would you ever think about doing a new record? Here’s some new tunes.’ And they were absolutely killer.

Fafara also spoke about the band’s decision to leave Roadrunner Records and sign with Napalm Records:

“…it’s important for a metal band to have a label that understands the music, understands what we wanna do, the kind of touring we do and wants to get behind it. DevilDriver is rarely off the road, and so it’s important for a label to be behind it when you’re on the road.

On the new DevilDriver record: “We’ve got a really spectacular record coming. I mean, the record is so diverse. We’ve kind of taken a jump ahead and also laid back into our groove and where we come from, so I think it’s gonna be a really outstanding record.

“Dead To Rights” – Beast

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