MALIGNANCY – ‘Eugenics’ Review; Release Date October 9, 2012

I have always found it hard to like Brutal Death Metal and Doom Metal, it doesn’t appeal to me unless the guitar work is spot on such as bands like Nile, Aborted or Godsend. There is a huge battle going on for domination in the Death Metal World, and all these underdogs and underground bands are competing with the big boys and ‘mainstream’ bands, but Malignancy have been sticking it out since they first got together and produced there first Demo in 1992. From New York, They have been sticking it out and is probably one of the longest standing ‘Technical Death Metal’ in the Tri State area. And I can only have respect for them for powering through and fighting with the mainstream bands to remain top of their game.

Danny Nelson, bands front man and vocalist, is outstanding in the amount of deep vocal ‘growl’ without breaking into a cough or stutter, it is consistent, and a-hell-ov-a-lot of passion and pain goes into it. Although at times he is very incoherent and at times the lyrics are a mush of just noise. It can be quite painful to listen to but when you understand what he is actually trying to convey across makes a whole lot more seance.

Ron Kachnic, Guitarist, is one of them little finds that amaze you, like finding a £20 note in a shopping centre. You pick it up and keep it (Durrrr) Extremely technical and so fluid in his style, I actually had the privilege of watching them play last time I was in New York back in 2003. and he was fucking awesome. His fingers never stopped moving and quite possibly has produced some of the most technical riffs to date.

Roger Beaujard on bass. Not the best in the world, in fact, I think he is quite rubbish if I’m honest. But on this album he does deserve some applause, keeping the beat going, matching that double bass, then again at times listening to the album over n over, it seems very lacking and then over powering in places, not letting that technical guitar be the limelight where it belongs. Credit to him tho as these songs are so complicated its unreal and Roger keeps up.

And then we have Mike Heller on drums. By FUCK he is awesome. His background is very reputable, playing for bands like Fear Factory and System Divide. Very technically endowed. And he is on par with bigger, more well known Metal drummers. On this album in particular, he seems to have been given free reign to do what he wants and how he wants, mixing in those double base blast beats with the toms and snare. Cleaver use of the cymbals to co inside with the guitar and vocals.  And every song is a tribute to his style.

Overall this album is….. erm…. well…. OK, I cant find anything other than the guitar and drumming that make this album stand out. Song after song is just a wall of noise. Now I know I don’t like Death Metal all that much, only a few bands in fact I like. This album just wanted to make my ears bleed, only after 2nd and 3rd time listening to it was I able to notice all the little details from each of the members by fiddling with the eq’s. I will admit tho, that it did in parts send my spine into shock with the lead guitar and blast beats. The album is tighter than anything they have produced in the past, plus they have made each of the instruments and vocals stand out a lot more.

In conclusion, it’s worth buying and listening to it a few times. It seems as tho they have tried to hard, but at the same time, there is a lot more variations and some progressiveness about it when compared to their last album Inhuman Grotesqueries. The guitarist and Drumming stand out more. But I found it to Chaotic and too much clashed. 7/10, and I feel as tho I’m being generous.


By Stuart Marsland

Sources:  Malignancy Facebook & Myspace, Willotip Records, Wikipedia and Metal Archives.

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