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Just recently, SMNnews got the chance to chat with guitarist Jesse Zuretti of prog monsters, THE BINARY CODE.  The band has a ton of extremely exciting events on the way, including their upcoming SMNnews sponsored METAL AS ART Tour with Hypno5e and Revocation.  Along with this buzz, THE BINARY CODE has just released their full length, The Suspension Of Disbelief, which is being released digitally by our homies at MetalSucks!  With the holidays right around the corner, make sure you pick up THE BINARY CODE’s latest on your shopping spree.  It’s only $5, and you can get a CD/T-shirt dealio for $15 with 1 of 4 killer designs, which were designed by Mr. Zuretti:  So go pick it up now, and learn some more about THE BINARY CODE in this here exclusive interview.   

Binary Code

Hey Jesse, you guys have just announced your participation in the SMNnews sponsored METAL AS ART Tour alongside Hypno5e and Revocation.  Cheers dude, you guys must be pretty stoked huh?

You have no idea how excited we are! We’re very fortunate to have such a great opportunity. I know the DIY touring scene is really tough right now. It’s a shame, a lot of younger local bands doing things by the book (as far as expanding their demographic goes) are canceling their tours two weeks before it starts. Just as people are picky about how much money they spend at the supermarket, they are picky about shows, too. We’re very lucky to be able to play to people across the country.

Your album Suspension Of Disbelief is being digitally released by our buddies at  I’ve got to say the album sounds amazing!  Care to give us a walk through of the creative process, some of your favorite songs, and which meaty tracks we can expect to see live? 

The MetalSucks guys are the best! I’m glad you dig the album! A majority of the creative process comes from the fusion my drummer & I have with one another. We are both the kind of musicians that research bands and music all day and night when we can, constantly trying to get to the bottom of where a band draws its influences from, etc. When I jam a riff at the rehearsal studio, it’s almost like he completes my sentences. Personally, I don’t really take my guitar home with me, so a lot of riffs I come up with start in my head. Somehow, I can translate what I hear in my head directly onto the guitar. For the most part, the drums I hear in my head end up being exactly what Umar (my drummer) plays, and then some. We’ll jam a riff for a minute, and during that time, I might think of a transition or a riff that flows afterward, I’ll play that riff, and voila! One of my favorite songs to play live is “the Story”. I really connect with that song when I play it live. It has a little bit of everything I love, musically. We’ll be playing a handful of songs from the EP as well as a few new songs we’ve written. We’ve been writing some tunes with our touring bassist Brett Bamberger (East of the Wall). I’m not sure you’re familiar with those guys, but they write some pretty insane music. Incorporating his element into the mix has really opened up a lot of doors for us. We’ll also have a helping hand on rhythm guitar from our good friend Todd Stern from Abacinate. I don’t think anyone has seen the Binary Code with a second guitarist since 2006 or so. It sounds monstrous with two guitars.

“Mechanical Seas” was recently exclusively streamed on Lambgoat.  Looks like there has been some great exposure for the release so far.  Your musical direction has really evolved since last.  Have any tricks up the sleeves for future material?

The exposure thus far has been a dream come true for an unsigned band. It’s actually kind of scary, seeing our name popping up on websites I read on a daily basis. The funny thing about the album is, we recorded it more than a year ago in November of 2008. Some of the material is 2+ years old now. Some of it was brand new at the time. Since then, we’ve really made it a point to move forward. We have added a few new elements to our sound. As said before, Brett has really opened up a lot of doors for us. His bands (Biclops, East of the Wall) are full of very complex, and very focused song-writers. Brett isn’t just a frequency with us, he’s another prominent layer of sound. We’ve slowed down for a few songs, and sped up for a few songs! We’ll be playing a bunch of unrecorded newer material on tour.

Speaking about tricks up the sleeve, you have a pretty killer side project called Wizard Sleeves, though only one song is up on myspace, and it’s just teasing me.  When can we expect more Wizard Sleeves material to surface?

HAHAHA! Wizard Sleeves is a project I’m doing with our old singer, Sean Woodham (on our 2008 demo). The two of us are best friends, and both play a bunch of different instruments. Wizard Sleeves is very challenging for me in particular. I’ll write a majority of the music before I’ve even picked up the guitar. So it’s a bit of a challenge for me, but it’s very rewarding in the end. We have a few new songs that we’re going to track vocals for very soon. That stuff will be up before the end of the month. It’s funny, because I don’t think many people catch the reference in the band name. We’ll leave it up to them to figure it out though!

Okay, back to THE BINARY CODE.  On your myspace you have an album teaser which has a part from each song on The Suspension Of Disbelief.  It sounds great, man!  How have the responses been so far?

So far, the responses have been great. We get a lot of messages asking about which song is which. Hopefully that’s a good sign that they’ll check out the album when it comes out.

You’ve got a video on your official YouTube with Umar showing his skills on a new track.  While only guitar and drums are present at that moment, the song sounds absolutely monstrous!  Have any more YouTube uploads in the works?  Possibly a music video? 

Thanks! We’ve been super busy lately, but plan on getting that song finished up soon as far as recording the other instruments goes. I did a video that will be up soon. I get a lot of questions about what I’m doing when I solo. Being completely self-taught, it’s very hard for me to break things down. So I did a video, very spur of the moment, showing what I do in my solos. It was literally, “Hey, Sean (Wizard Sleeves), can you record a video of me doing some guitar stuff?” He literally turned the camera on and in one take just kind of futzed my way through it. I think it came out pretty good all things considered, haha. There will be a bunch of videos coming soon. Umar (drummer) has a video of him playing a song, demonstrating some of his techniques (which I guarantee you, some of the stuff he’s doing on the video is really crazy). Brett will also have a video. We have a bunch of stuff we’ll be posting soon. Keep posted!

You are also a man of many talents, one being an amazing artist.  You’ve created all of The Binary Code’s designs, the Metal As Art Tour poster, the new Mantric web design, among many other projects.  How did becoming an artist come about, and any artwork you have right now in the pipeline?

Well thank you! The Mantric work I’ve been doing has been a lot of fun. Mantric features members of Extol, which to me, are my Metallica. Being able to work for a band featuring one of my musical heroes is another dream come true. I know that doing art technically makes you an artist, but I really don’t see myself as an artist. I grew up in a very artsy place (Santa Fe, New Mexico). I have always been involved with drawing, painting, etc. I really just do it for fun. I am finishing up on Mantric’s debut CD artwork, and have a bunch of other bands I am doing designs for.

Being the shredder that you are, you also teach guitar lessons.  Care to give some shameless promotion for our readers who might possibly be in the area, and in need of some guitar lessons?

HAHA, I am in no form or way a shredder in comparison to most of the monsters in the metal scene these days. I haven’t really had the time to give lessons these days, but I will be giving some lessons on tour. Best way to get in touch if you want a lessons while I’m on the road in your city & state is to just message us on MySpace and we’ll go from there!

If you could organize a dream tour, who would be on it?  Feel free to name a full scale arena festival if you wish.

Metal-ish Festival: Sikth, Textures, Scarve, A Life Once Lost, Meshuggah, Extol, Cult of Luna, Cave In, He is Legend, Porcupine Tree, Portal, Soreption, Katatonia, Converge, Lewd Acts, the End, the Ocean, Decapitated

Non-Metal Festival: SEAL!!! Pat Metheny Group, Jaga Jazzist, Steely Dan, Jamiroquai, Depeche Mode, Bjork, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Genesis, Mats & Morgan Band, Screaming Headless Torsos, Silverchair, Stone Temple Pilots, Telefon Tel Aviv, Umphreys McGee

Soooo, I hear you like a little bit of Seal?

HAHAHA! I swear on this one, I typed Seal in the previous question before I read this! HAHAHA! We’re past the infatuated part of things. I love, love, love, love, love SEAL.

Lastly, us folks here at SMN are really stoked for the release, as well as many others.  How does the future look for THE BINARY CODE?

Being we’re unsigned, we hope to get ourselves a nice deal at some point soon. We’re very fortunate to have so many people investing their time and confidence in us, which makes our future very unclear. I do know that we’re going to keep at it as long as we have to in order to get to the next level. Thanks a ton SMN!

Label: unsigned

By Alex Gilbert

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