Ronny Munroe – Ex-Metal Church (vocals)

Fronting METAL CHURCH for three albums and a span of five years, vocalist Ronny Munroe and the Seattle thrashers played their last show at Rocklahoma 2009 on July 9. The demise of METAL CHURCH left Ronny to carry on as a solo artist. With the release of The Fire Within, Ronny has been forging ahead with tours of his own and receiving great praise from the metal community at large.  After an initial phone interview with Ronny fell through, I had the chance to speak with him by e-mail from his new home-base in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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What have you been up to lately Ronny?
Enjoying some sun, waiting for my video for “Delirium” to come out and waiting on some tour dates, as well as writing.

You’re based in Puerto Rico now?
Yes, I moved here and got married.

How’s life after Metal Church?
Good, I’m excited about all the cool things that are popping up and I truly believe 2010 is going to be a very Metal year for myself and the band. I will never forget the time I spent with MC but sometimes in life, you have to move on!

rmThe truth, is Metal Church really over?
For now yes, it’s up to Kurdt and if he ever wants to fire it back up again, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Being a fan of Metal Church before you joined, how did you feel after you got the position?
Like I had made it man, my life long dream was fulfilled and not many people can say that. I had some great times and it was the catalyst to where I am today in the business.

As I’ve stated the last time we spoke at Rocklahoma in July, that your solo album “The Fire Within,” is the epitome of true metal. Explain the thought process that went into the recording.
I stuck to my roots, which is power and thrash metal and I did what I wanted to do, it’s straight from my metal heart!

Kurdt Vanderhoof pretty much stepped up and offered to help you with recording and producing, right?
Yes, Kurdt and I spoke and said he would like to do the CD with me and when someone like Vanderhoof offers his knowledge, you don’t turn it down. It was another fun experience.

You handle the business side of your band too?
I try, but it’s difficult at times, luckily I have some peeps that I can go to for good advice when needed.

What tours have you completed and what’s up next?
We did some dates in Texas and now we’re putting something else together and as soon as I know when and where and with who, I’ll let every one know on my MySpace and

rm1What do you hope to achieve with The Fire Within?
I just want to establish myself as a solo artist and let the fans know that I’m here to stay.

You’re always very appreciative of your fans. What’s it mean to you to be able to record and perform the music you love?
I feel very lucky to be able to do what I’m doing first of all and having the fans I have gained through MC and my stuff is a blessing, I am very fortunate that people want to hear what I’m doing.

Who came up with the idea for your signature Christmas cards? They are awesome!
A couple of my friends saw a some pics I had taken on the road and commented on a few of them that I should put them out as Christmas cards, so I thought why not? I’m glad you like it! Next years will be even cooler.:-)

Tell me about your kids, Tianna and Kameron. Do they think it’s cool that they have a great metal dad?
They are proud of me, but it’s tough when you’re on the road and away from them sometimes because no matter how many times they say “it’s okay Dad,” you know they miss you and vice-versa. I hope that I’m teaching them to follow their dreams and not give up!

My three-year old son throws the horns and knows all the original members of Black Sabbath and that Randy Rhoads played a Flying V. It’s great to be able to teach your kids the things you love, have you influenced your kids with the love of metal?
Well, I would like to say that my kids have taken the metal path but I would be lying, my son likes rap and my daughter likes what ever is on MTV. My son did surprise me once though, he bought the best of Dio, that was a good day!

What’s next for Ronny Munroe? Anything in the works?
My video for “Delirium” is coming out next week and I plan to continue spreading “The Fire Within” to others and we’ll see what happens next. I wait with bated breath.

Well, it was great talking with you again Ronny, any last words or comments for your fans?
Thank you all so much for the years of support and I wish every one out there a Merry Metal Christmas!


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