INFERNAL Looking for a New Drummer; Date for Upcoming Album Pushed Back

David Parland of Swedish act Infernal has checked in with the following announcement about seeking a new drummer and pushing back a new album release:

“Infernal is currently seeking a pro Death/Black/Thrash/Heavy metal drummer for immediate recordings. This for the up-coming full-length The Infernal Retribution which has been in the making for a long process of time, but is planned to be recorded sometime next year, with a release not too long after.

“What we seek is a drummer with high skills and of course with experiences from other bands, and preferably living in Stockholm or other part of Sweden, but others can always apply as well.

“Unfortunately, the long planned album has been delayed due to both some member problems and a few personal problems as well, but I’ve continued to write through all this time, and have most material ready finally. Since 2010, when we did the last EP The Infernal Return, when we split with longer time drummer Tomas Asklund (Gorgoroth, ex-Dissection). Not much has happened officially, but the songs and the album have existed and now been in my mind for several years, and the time is now for us to start the recordings, despite how long it has taken to come this far.

“As fast as we have solved this seemingly everlasting drummer problem plaguing us, we are ready to go. As earlier said the music of Infernal today can be described as a mix between old Necrophobic (but with blast beats)/Dissection/Slayer and Morbid Angel. This compared to the old Satanic Holocaust Metal style of the first two CD’S, which almost solely consisted of ultra fast blast-beats and extreme satanic chantings through the whole songs.

“The sound of Infernal today is ‘less’ extreme, but still very brutal and absolutely 100 % Satanic Death/Black Metal. Drummers who are interested can send their application/mail to: (together with musicfiles with drumming and photo and some personal info)”


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