The Artery Foundation Announce Label Imprint on Razor &Tie

The Artery Foundation has announced the formation of their own label imprint with Razor & Tie for 2010.  While many casual music listeners may not be entirely familiar with The Artery Foundation itself, there is no escaping the fruits of their work and their artists in the music scene.  A management company based in Sacramento, CA they have a knack for finding diamonds in the rough and nurturing their direction into worldwide prominence.  Some of their recent artists flooding the Billboard charts have included The Devil Wears Prada, Alesana, A Day To Remember, Dance Gavin Dance, Attack Attack!, Breathe Carolina and Whitechapel.

On the direction that Artery Recordings will take, Eric Rushing, founder of the company and the label says:

“We believe in developing a band from the ground up like we have all of the bands we manage. What more of a perfect situation if we can put out records as well and have a platform for new bands that we discover.  We will concentrate on a small amount of releases per year and keep one of our goals to be a very artist friendly label.”  Label manager Mike Milford added “I think the great part of our partnership with with Razor & Tie is that we have the full strength of a successful label with a proven track history and major distribution while retaining the close personal relationships with our artists.  Unlike some labels where artists get lost in the shuffle we will have the opportunity to take every creative idea and concern of our artist and address them with utmost attention and support.”

Pop over to for band info and to listen to their goodness.

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