DAVE MUSTAINE Receives Marine Corp Flag

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine is one of the biggest supporters of America’s military out there, so the frontman definitely took it to heart when Lieutenant Colonel Stephen D. Sklenka of the U.S. Marine Corps dedicated an American flag that was flown over Camp Leatherneck in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan in his honor.

Mustaine remarked, “Besides getting married and the birth of my two children, I have never been more proud than this moment. To all of our servicemen and servicewomen, I love you all, and THIS American supports our troops!”

On his Facebook account, the metal frontman posted photos of the dedication, the letter he received from Sklenka, the flag itself, and what appears to be a gold plated bottle opener that were all presented to him as part of the ceremony. The dedication declaration can be seen below.

Another thing Mustaine supports is his right to free speech, which he used this summer to suggest to an audience in Singapore that some of the mass shootings over the summer were “staged” to help President Obama pass a gun ban. He’s also argued that Obama was “born somewhere else than America.”

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