CRADLE OF FILTH: ‘The Manticore and Other Horrors’ REVIEW; Release Date October 30th 2012

This tenth Studio album is something to be admired, They have finally got back to their roots, Lots of melodic melodies with a hint of punk in the guitar, and have included female vocals again. The entire album was recorded in eight weeks at Grindstone and Springvale Studios, Suffolk, UK. Released by Nuclear Blast (US) and Paceville (Europe). The album is a testament to the band, and reeks of that original cradle of filth sound we got back in the 90’s but with that touch of 21st century metal, It truly has opened the doors to a river of blood that had previously dried up when compared to the last three albums. But on the whole, they have created a new atmosphere, while keeping to the originality, they have made good use of heavier and faster, almost Metal core sound, Modern and down right filthy, blended to create something that will make you want to slam your head against a wall to see how many times you have to do it before the wall falls down.

Dani Filth or Daniel Lloyd Davey, Vocals, who is currently residing in Suffolk, UK, has been lead vocals an chief lyrics writer for the band since the creation of ‘Cradle of Filth’ in 1990. Dani Filth has a very unique vocal style, he incorporates the very deep and low ‘growl’, to ridiculously high screeching, while remaining very coherent. However on this album, it seems to be lacking somewhat, not what I expected at all, its seems as tho in places he is trying to convey that classic vocal sound, and in others he is just not trying. But in essence, that demonic’ness is very apparent and still can put that fear of death in anyone.

On Guitar we have Paul Allender from Colchester, UK, was an original band member up until 96 and rejoined in 2000. his playing style is very unique, he doesn’t use any specific type of scales or anything that is musically correct. I myself am a guitarist, and when I come to seeing some of the tab of his, with a classical guitar background, I find some of the stuff very difficult to play, compared to the likes of pantera, metallica, Testament and so on. This album is no exception of that skill, lots of fast lead driven riffs, amazing solos and lots of undertone leads and just Brutal all together. Track 2 ‘The Abhorrent’ is the best example of his menacing style.

Newcomer to the band is Marthus, also known as Martin Skaroupka, on Drums, from Czechoslovakia has been with the band since 2006 and this would be his 4th album with the band. MASSIVE improvement, Much better than the last 3 albums. He has had free reign to compose his own beat to match the music and the atmosphere, he hasn’t gone overboard with the double bass but has simplified down but using a wider range of fills and excellent use of cymbals and crashes, On the Deluxe edition of the album, Track 11 ‘Nightmares of an Ether Drinker’ is a fantastic example of  this. He makes the album sound just down right Evil.

The album starts out very soft, melodic and atmospheric, very Filth, and you just get a sudden burst of ‘FUCK YOU’. Fast, heavy, evil, cruel, kill, death, die, destruction. And that continues through the entire album, up until the end where we go back to that softness, introducing keys, strings and orchestral sounds, a good mix of fast Metal and slow Melodic atmosphere with great use of orchestral and female vocals in the background to enhance the sound even further. Everything Comes Together, it has been produced with pin point accuracy.

There isn’t much bad to say about any of the album really, maybe some of the hardcore Filth fans wont like some of Dani Filth’s vocals at the start of the album but everything else makes up for that.

In Conclusion, fucking epically Brutal, It is by far there best album since ‘Nymphetamine’, However I would strongly suggest you try and get hold of the ‘Deluxe Edition’ of the album as the extra songs and change in a couple of them is worth the extra money. The album is truly emphasizing the Extreme Metal Genre and what it really is about.


By Stuart Marsland

Sources:, Facebook & Myspace, Wikipedia.

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