CHRIS BARNES & TRAVIS RYAN Have Calmed Down and Discuss THE INCIDENT That Caused CATTLE DECAPITATION to Drop from the Tour

As we reported earlier this morning regarding the situation with Cattle Decapitation dropping off the tour with Six Feet Under, we now have additional information from both Travis Ryan, frontman for Cattle Decapitation and Chris Barnes of Six Feet Under. Both guys have given their side of the story and you can check out the audio from an interview by Horns Up Rocks speaking with Chris Barnes while at Six Feet Under’s New York show.  Stick it out for about 5 minutes into the audio and you’ll hear Chris Barnes discuss the situation.

RobInjection at has provided a complete transcript of the interview for your reading pleasure as well as Travis’ statement he made on his on Facebook page.  Why?  Well,  in Rob’s words, it’s because he’s a sweetheart and I think I agree.



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