GLENN HUGHES and JOE BONAMASSA On Speaking Terms Again

Glenn Hughes says he and Joe Bonamassa are on speaking terms after the fall out that derailed the launch of latest Black Country Communion album Afterglow.

His comment comes as the record became their best ever chart entry, landing at Number 48 on the US Billboard list for its first week sales.

Over the weekend Hughes tweeted, “Joe B and I spoke last nite of the love for our band and our dear friendship. We hear your voices loud and clear.  BCC lives in the Afterglow.”

Later he added a message for fans, “I’m so overwhelmed about the response to Afterglow. We all want to thank you for your support. Means a lot.”

The album’s title track is grabbing attention for its anthemic feel. Keyboardist Derek Sherinian says he’s very proud of the song while drummer Jason Bonham hails it as a “masterpiece.”

Hughes tells Classic Rock, “I find myself looking at the lyrics I’m writing. Rock’n’roll won’t change the world – Sting tried, and if he can’t do it we can’t do it. So what I’m trying to do is, I’m telling people what it’s like to have lived through this war I’ve spent dealing with my addictions and fears. I believe people go through this themselves.

The whole Afterglow experience of writing that song – how the hell did I write that? Who is this guy? I remember writing the song by my computer. I picked up my guitar. I’ve never put a capo on a guitar before but I slid it onto the fifth fret – and I found myself writing songs like “Afterglow”.

Listening to the lyrics I wrote in the 80s and 70s I go, ‘What a shower of shit that was!’ Now I feel I have something to say. I feel I found myself as a songwriter. I’ve become a better musician and a better person.”

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