CRYPTOPSY Release 2-CD / Digi Download of ‘The Best Of Us Bleed’

Cryptopsy┬áhave released their new 2CD/digital download “best of” collection today in North America! Entitled The Best Of Us Bleed this collection consists of:

  • 32 songs
  • 3 exclusive, newer studio songs
  • several rare live/demo/cover/bonus tracks
  • selected cuts from the first 6 studio albums

As a special tribute to the band, various members of the music community have come together to assemble a Cryptopsy Spotify playlist (with commentary). Colin Davis of VILE says this about the band in general:

“This is a band that was pretty shocking when they first came out because they incorporated a number of new qualities that really made them stand out. Their drummer played a type of hyper blast beat that was novel for the time, they used funk style slapping on the bass, they wrote a lot of really groovy and melodic riffs and then they put it all together to give you a pretty original sounding package. As they moved on over time, they continued to experiment and never seemed to care if what they were trying out would disappoint or please. They did new things for their own reasons and that is always admirable.”

To read what others have written head here.

To purchase The Best Of Us Bleed, head to CM Distro for the CD or to iTunes for a digital copy.

Cryptopsy live 2012
11/22–Mavericks–Ottawa, ON
11/23–Club Soda–Montreal, Canada
11/24–Club Absinthe–Hamilton, Canada
11/25–The Red Dog–Peterborough, Canada
12/7–The RockPile–Toronto, Canada
12/8–Christmas MetalFest–Sherbrooke, Canada
12/14–L’Union Commerciale–Quebec City, Canada
12/15–Rock Cafe Le Stage–Trois Rivieres, Canada

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