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Dec 13, 2009 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection


Death metal giants HATE ETERNAL opened up the show with a bang.  The band played plenty of their bonecrushing onslaughts such as “I Monarch”, “Behold Judas”, and “Bringer Of Storms”.  Just seeing HATE ETERNAL mastermind Erik Rutan shred was a treat by itself.  While the band was short a rhythm guitarist for the show, HATE ETERNAL definitely made up for it in the long run.  Hailing from the legendary land of death metal in Florida, HATE ETERNAL is one of those Floridian icons taking risks, trying something new, and continuously changing the face of extreme death metal.  And seeing them live finally was a pleasure. 

Label: Metal Blade
Website: http://www.myspace.com/haeteternal

Written by: Alex Gilbert


Full of energy and amazing progressive metal out comes BORN OF OSIRIS (BOO). Everyone knew what to expect and knew the show was going to be intense. After playing a completely solid mix from both of their releases, the song that everybody wanted to hear, “Bow Down”, came on and everyone rushed the stage, climbing over each other. Pure energy filled the room when the final song came on. As the closer, BOO played “Open Arms To Damnation” and completely killed the rest of the show. Amazing guitars, drumming, and vocals killed The Intersection and got the rest of the show on it’s feet.

Label: Sumerian Records
Website: http://www.myspace.com/bornofosiris

Written by: Matt Haines


UNEARTH put on the best stage presence of the night in my opinion. Who doesn’t like a band that does beerbongs on stage and starts jumping off their stacks while swinging their guitars around on their wrists? Just pure genius and along with that, just amazing metal. “My Will Be Done” was the second song they played, just hyping up the fans for the rest of the brutality to come. It was my first time seeing them and they didn’t disappoint at all. To top off the rest of their mind-blowing concert at The Intersection, they played “Zombie Autopilot”, which was greatest ending to have to such an amazing show they put on.

Label: Metal Blade
Website: http://www.myspace.com/unearth

Written by: Matt Haines


Once the legendary CANNIBAL CORPSE took the stage, the live cannibalism began.  The band played many cannibal classics including “Hammer Smashed Face”, “I Cum Blood”, “Skull Full Of Maggots”, and one for the ladies, “Fucked By A Knife”.  The band played plenty off of their latest release, Evisceration Plague, including the title track which opened their set and opened the madness in The Intersection.  Their intensity was incredible, and watching all of their frantic fretboard work was mindblowing.  For any true metalhead, seeing CANNIBAL CORPSE live is absolutely mandatory, each and every time

Label: Metal Blade
Website: http://www.myspace.com/cannibalcorpse

Written by: Alex Gilbert


Hardcore legends HATEBREED headlined the night, and from being in the game for so long and seeing them multiple times, this is the most fired up I’ve seen HATEBREED, ever!  HATEBREED played plenty of fist pumping anthems from their latest self titled release like the show opener “Everyone Bleeds Now”, and other great selections like “Become The Fuse”.  And for the die hard HATEBREED fans, the band did not disappoint.  Plenty of HATEBREED classics like “Perserverance”, “This Is Now”, and “To The Threshold” stunned the whole building, creating some of the biggest circle pits still to this day my eyes have seen. 

The beauty that HATEBREED tapped us all about was unity.  Whether it’s hardcore, metal, punk, or whatever, we all came to the show to have a great time, and to treat everybody equally regardless of race, age, sex, religion, etc., in which a huge part of this world is unfortunately blind to.  They judge us by saying metal and hardcore is caveman and depressing music, which just makes me laugh.  While every respective person has their own take on music, metal and hardcore is a great outlet so we don’t become those people who judge others because of their cover; we look into one’s personality. 

With HATEBREED still being one of the most honest, authentic, and brutal hardcore bands out there, these guys have been sticking to their guns, keeping it real, and keeping the positive message for one to keep their head held high.  All you stupid haters out there bitch about all of their music sounding the same or Jamey Jasta selling out, etc., etc.  So HATEBREED has found ways to channel their music to bigger outlets while keeping their sound and ethics.  I say, “good for them!”, and like I’ve said before, I will openly debate any of you (leave a comment!).  From creating one of the best hardcore albums of the year and still unleashing one of the best live performances for the underground to see, HATEBREED is already icons in hardcore culture, and will continue to be one of the most important bands to continuously keep the underground alive. 

Label: E1 Entertainment
Website: http://www.myspace.com/hatebreed

Written by: Alex Gilbert

Photography by: Matt Haines

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