Challenge Anthrax’s SCOTT IAN and Threshold’s DAMIAN WILSON To a Game of Poker

We told you a few weeks ago about this website for the metalhead poker junkies called Nuclear Blast  The people there are holding a competition tournament called “Icon Challenge” and you have the opportunity to sit beside Scott Ian of Anthrax and Damian Wilson of Threshold.

The event will take place on November 27th at 8 a.m.GMT at Nuclear Blast Poker.

Damian Wilson said “I love poker and I love music. Putting the two together is like introducing girlfriends. Could be heavenly or may be all out war. See you on the Nuclear Blast Poker tables!”.

Scott Ian said “I am excited and curious to meet our fans on Nuclear Blast Poker and I can’t wait to see who’s got the skills to beat me on some of the tables.”

The tournament is limited to 500 people.

You can register by following this link

If you are already registered at Nuclear Blast Poker you can sign up right away otherwise the link will get you to register for Nuclear Blast Poker and then onto sign up for the tournament.

The buy-in for the tournament costs 1,000 virtual chips, and they divide the payout depending on your rank and the number of participants taking part.You get your chips automatically after the tournament. You can see how much you’ve won by checking the ranking in the tourney details.

Nuclear Blast Poker is not just an online poker game but also a community platform where metal freaks interact, show their love for metal by styling their avatar with cool hardcore items from the shop all whilst listening to the newest music releases from Nuclear Blast on an integrated music player.ent. You can see how much you’ve won by checking the ranking in the tourney details!

Join the game at: or visit and play as a guest on

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