The Few Against Many – Sot

THE FEW AGAINST MANY are definitely one of the unsung heroes of 2009, and have a really badass band name by the way.  Hailing from Sweden, these guys seriously unleash some of the best modern death metal around right now.  They have such a monstrous stomp that is undeniable, and as ferocious as they can be, they’ve also unleashed some of the most memorable melodies of the year, too.  Their debut, Sot, has 8 death metal tracks, where 6 are sung in Swedish and 2 are sung in English.  Though I don’t speak Swedish, I don’t care what language they are speaking in, for the music itself sounds badass.  Also to take note of, THE FEW AGAINST MANY features ex Scar Symmetry vocalist Christian Alvestam, and he does an excellent job delivering the solid punch.  Sot has such a command for just a debut, and a hell of a lot more command than the majority.

Let’s start off with the best.  “Brand Mark” is the perfect example of THE FEW AGAINST MANY’s power, potential, and progression.  This song single handedly got me soooo stoked on this band, that I kept going back to listen to it again, again, and again.  The intro comes out at full force with both death metal arms swinging, and a shocking synth accompanied by female high pitched operatic chants.  And not loosing the integrity of the sound at all, the chorus claims THE FEW AGAINST MANY the most memorable on Sot.  Put “Brand Mark” on repeat!  “Hadanfard” is another great song with that deep aggression, and man oh man I’ve got to say that THE FEW AGAINST MANY has some great intros.  The song builds up in both a brutal and eerie way, and “Hadanfard” really uses the synth to its advantage.  The title track “Sot” gives a steady gallop down towards hell, and this is THE FEW AGAINST MANY at their darkest.  I really like this side of them, and the band stops for no one, keeping it heavy throughout.

My one criticism is that Sot gets a little too cheesy for me at times.  Yes synth and death metal mix well and many have done it (good and bad), but it’s when they put in more of the poppy synth, the album just lags and I fell the need to fast forward back to the action.  When their synthesized atmosphere gives more of a dark and apocalyptic sound, THE FEW AGAINST MANY are unstoppable (listen to “Brand Mark”).  For Sot being just a debut, it is still damn good, and these guys have so much potential.  I can already forsee their next album taking them to the next level. 


Rating: 7/10
Label: Pulverised Records

By Alex Gilbert

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