BELPHAGOR Almost Done with Recording for Upcoming Album

Belphegor are wrapping up the recording sessions for follow-up to 2011’s Blood Magick Necromance. Vocalist/guitarist/head blasphemer Helmuth, is busy finishing all vocals, overdubs and lead guitar parts.

“Just returned from Leeds where we nuked the ingenious Damnation Festival. England is always a pleasure to shred. This time was no exception: what a brutal crowd it was,” stated vocalist/guitarist/head blasphemer Helmuth. “I already tracked the four rhythm guitars at Mana Studios in Florida. This album is gonna be brutal, way more death metal blasphemy than the last records. The nine sound collages will reveal a new dimension of chaos, with the uttermost aggressive soundwall possible. It’s fantastic to work with Erik! This dude is really challenging us to give our best. You demons deserve it!”

Expect three trailers from the guitar and vocal sessions, coming to you within the next months.

The as of yet untitled album is tentatively scheduled for a worldwide release in March 2013 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Watch the band tracking the bass and drums below.

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