ASSASSIN To Release Double DVD Package of Show in Osaka, Japan

Assassin are releasing a double DVD package of the band’s show in Osaka, Japan at the True Thrash Fest in March 2010 which is set for release on January 29th in North America.¬† The title of this release is Chaos and Live Shots.

The package includes not only the show but their every day life while there.

Check out the trailer for the DVD below.


DVD content / packing:

2 DVDs in a Digipak + 40 page booklet + exclusive voucher to enter the competition for a FERNANDES Tremor Bass guitar


Exclusive interviews with many well known artists and insiders of the German and international Thrash Metal Scene such as Tom Angelripper (Sodom), Harris Johns (cult producer) and many others. Complete Band documentary sidelined by specials and background information on the bands history.


Full Assassin live Show РOsaka 2010

+ Specials / 5 Bonus Songs


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