Revocation – Existence Is Futile

REVOCATION and their latest Relapse Records release Existence Is Futile is easily one of the best albums of the year.  Their shredding thrash / death metal virtuosity is incredible, and the balance between technicality and absolutely crazy song structures is perfect.  And how REVOCATION creates such a colossal sound for being only a 3 piece?!  Man oh man do they have a massive sound.  I mean, I know there are a lot of shredders out there, but there aren’t too many that can expand the shred like REVOCATION does. 

Guitarist Dave Davidson is a madman, as he sure gets things started with “Enter The Hall”.  The riff work is incredible, and really keys the listener that some big things are about to happen.  “Enter The Hall” is the perfect intro.  When REVOCATION is off to the races, they take you into headbanging glory!  The title track “Existence Is Futile” unleashes this as their stylistic and extreme balance of the death and thrash metal forces dominate all!  “Dismantle The Dictator” unleashes sick fretboard action, with both riffs and speedy guitar solos.  The guitar tones are huge, and let’s not forget about drummer Phil Dubois and bassist Anthony Buda tearing it up back there, too!  “Dismantle The Dictator” has this very catchy yet commanding vibe to it, and its fresh technicality is ace.  Other absolutely crazy songs on Existence Is Futile like “The Brain Scramblers” does exactly as the title suggests, taking a ton of sub genre metal influence and masterfully combining into one.  “The Brain Scramblers” is one hell of a heavy hitter!    

Make sure you catch REVOCATION on the SMNnews sponsored METAL AS ART Tour, alongside Hypno5e and The Binary Code.  How amazing their talent is on CD, is that same amazing that REVOCATION backs up live!  They put on one hell of a show.  REVOCATION is definitely one of the newer bands to redefine and restore faith by all means of death/thrash metal. 


Rating: 9.5/10
Label: Relapse Records

By Alex Gilbert

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