Depswa Issue Details on 7-Song EP Mixed by Logan Mader and Toby Wright

Reunited DEPSWA have decided to enlist the services of Toby Wright (Korn, Alice in Chains) and Logan Mader (Five Finger Death Punch, Devil Driver, Soulfly) to mix their brand new album.

The finalized tracklisting for the seven song EP is as follows:

1.  Distorted American Dream (Mixed by Toby Wright)
2.  Right Now (Toby Wright)
3.  Take it Back (Toby Wright)
4.  10 Kinds of Lonely (Toby Wright)
5.  Performance after the Show (Toby Wright)
6.  Would I Lie (Logan Mader)
7.  The Way I Am (Toby Wright)
8.  Hold On (Jeremy Penick)
9.  Cut You Out (Toby Wright)
10.  One Drop (Toby Wright)
11.  Down in a Hole (Logan Mader)
12.  Biggest Part (Logan Mader)
13.  Peace and Serenity (Jeremy Penick)

The album will be released on out DESPWA’s own label Tears & Smiles Recordings and will be available in hard copy digipacks and for digital downloads via iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, etc. in February.

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