Society 1 Welcome Back Bassist Dirt Von Karloff

Dirt Von Karloff has returned to Society 1 after a year and half hiatus. After seven years in the band Dirt decided to leave on amicable terms to explore other musical opportunities but after some time had passed his desire to return to the band resurfaced. Following some contemplation he decided to make the call to rejoin after hearing some of the rehearsal footage posted on the Society 1 Youtube page and was excited about the new members and direction of the material.

“In the first rehearsal it felt like coming home except now playing with new drummer Pete Pace (London After Midnight) is like jamming with Neil Peart on crack.” said Karloff

Vocalist Lord Zane and guitarist Brian Jackson were eager to bring him back into the fold.

“I’ve toured the world with Dirt. We’ve shared the stage hundreds of times. He was at my right hand side when we played the Download Festival suspended in front of 80,000 people. Sharing those experiences with someone creates a strong bond and friendship. It’s good to have him back and am looking forward to sharing the stage one again.” explained Zane

Society 1 are currently tracking at AM Recording Studios ( with Raymond Herrera (Fear Factory, Arkaea, 3volution) in the producer chair and Jeremy Blair engineering. (Fear Factory, Devil Driver, Zakk Wylde, Guns N Roses). The band are compiling songs for a new EP entitled “Screams Of Sadist” and preparing to tour in 2013.

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Promo video featuring the return of Society 1 and Dirt Von Karloff:

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