Lamb of God’s JOHN CAMPBELL Prefers Not to Have Fans on the Stage

Bassist John Campbell  of Lamb of God was recently interviewed by and discussed the band’s viewpoint on fans coming up onstage: Does [the] incident reflect upon the issue of safety at live concerts?

Campbell: It was a tragic event that happened. It’s not the first time somebody jumped off stage — I’ve done it myself, when I was younger. I have, too.

Campbell: We should count ourselves lucky, then, and take a moment to pause and reflect on a life that was lost. I don’t want to lose focus on that. I understand you have to be careful about not turning one unusual, individual incident into a bigger issue. Fans jump on stage and dive off at concerts every day.

Campbell: Yeah. In this day and age, though, I’d prefer not to have people on stage. People pay to see us perform, and that’s not part of the production we have planned. It’s not about a guy jumping on stage and flapping his arms and jumping off. And then there’s that one time where a guy got on stage and murdered Darrell Abbott. In my opinion, [the Czech man] never should have been on stage in the first place.

On Monday, frontman Randy Blythe was officially indicted in a Prague court for manslaughter stemming from a 2010 concert where a fan died from injuries sustained after allegedly being pushed while stage diving.

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