DJ CrazyIvan interview Victory recording artist: Otep

CrazyIvan conducted an interview with Victory recording artist Otep. Here are the questions asked. Hear what she had to say..

CrazyIvan: How old were you when you first realized that you loved doing music and poetry?

CrazyIvan: How did you feel iniatlly when Sharon Osbourne stated she had been impressed with your live show before being signed, and did she offer any advice regarding the direction you took?

CrazyIvan: You’re doing a quick tour of Australia in April. When are you going to tour in the USA?

CrazyIvan: Which do you prefer, touring or studio time?

CrazyIvan: Hydra is coming out in Jan, How was it to write this new album?

CrazyIvan: On any future studio albums, are you going to be doing any more covers?

CrazyIvan: What do you think of all the mass produced autotuned artists out there?

CrazyIvan: If you could advise Obama on anything what would it be?


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