BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING Recruit American Head Charge Drummer CHRIS EMERY


Beauty In The Suffering have posted a studio update including stills of the bands recent recording sessions at Bell Labs Recording in Norman, OK to the bands official website –

The shots feature drummer Chris Emery of American Head Charge and Skinlab guitarist Provo Provenzano who engineered the marathon (15 hour) session.

_MG_9512CCphoto: Chris Emery laying drum tracks for Beauty In The Suffering on 12.06.12

Thrall offered the following update on the recording session:

“Hello to everyone. Quick update here on what’s been happening..

Had my friend Chris Emery (American Head Charge) to lay down some drums. Managed to get 7 of the 14 Beauty In The Suffering songs we were aiming for. Very pleased we got that far. Was a pretty crazy session overall in terms of how many tracks we were shooting for. We just dove right in and got as many as we could before our ears threw in the towel.

Provo Provenzano (Everybody Panic!, Rikets, Skinlab) was ace behind the board!

The picture with all three of us is from about 10 hours into the 15 hour session. More pictures in the days ahead.

Very happy with everything overall. Can’t wait to get started on the rest of the tracking! Thanks as always for your support!”


Provo Provenzano (left) makes a board adjusment while DieTrich Thrall (right) keeps watch




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