The Faces of 30 Seconds to Mars

30 SECONDS TO MARS introduced a new concept of ‘trading faces’ to their Faces of Mars campaign.

Jared Leto and company invited fans to take part in the Faces of Mars campaign and have their photo featured on an personalized album cover. And now that the disc is out, people want the copy featuring their pic.

“We saw someone last night who, someone had found their face in France and mailed it to them and they lived in Chicago. We’ve seen those kind of stories all over the country,” Jared Leto tells Spinner. “There’s a scavenger hunt aspect, a collectors’ aspect to it.”

While Leto says, “We encourage fair trade” to celebrate the “interactivity” of the project, there’s been some big business aspect to it as well. “I heard that one was selling on eBay for $2500 or has already sold, so there’ll always be some of that,” he says. “I think somebody had a face of someone and that person wanted it really bad.”

If you haven’t got the one you want, don’t feel too left out — even the band’s frontman has found them hard to find. “There were two Conan O’Brien covers and Ben Stiller got one of them, Conan got the other,” he says. “I was trying to get a hold of one of the Conan O’Brien’s.”

The experiment has been so successful that the band is hoping to continue it on the next pressing of the album.

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