INFECTED FLESH Release New Album ‘Concatenation of Severe Infections’ Today

Infected-Flesh---Concatenation-of-Severe-InfectionsCCInfected Flesh has released today, December 18th, their third full-length album Concatenation of Severe Infections via Comatose Records.

Guest vocalists on Concatenation of Severe Infections include Robbert K. (Disavowed), Dennis (Severe Torture), Joost (Cliteater), Roi (Haemophagia), Albert & Jofre (Pesta Porcina), Regius (Nemesis Aeterna).

  • 1. Gruesome Supply Chain of Nailed Human Pieces
  • 2. The Bunch (Congregation of Deadly Parasites)
  • 3. Concentric Circles of Disembowelment
  • 4. Erase the Rictus
  • 5. Lithographies of Recurrent Splatter
  • 6. Phossilized Between the Walls of a Post-Industrial Ziggurat
  • 7. Impudent Dissection of the Perfidious Idol
  • 8. Fermentation of Prosthetic Remains
  • 9. The Pragmatic Tearing
  • 10. Inoculation
  • 11. Aepoxifying Bacterial Capitals


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