Turkish Black Metal YAYLA To Release New Album ‘Nihaihayat’

YaylaCoverCCIf you’re into having yourself “one deep, dark black metal experience” then you need to keep an eye out for the release of Yayla’s new album Nihaihayat.  Yayla is put together by composer/filmmaker Emir Toğrul. The album is set for release January 21st.

Nihaihayat is a five-track, 51-minute “mood-swinging journey book-ended by the chilling beauty of ambient pieces “integumental grasp” and “in senility.”

Each Nihaihayat CD is handmade by Emir who sprays the discs, cuts and inserts the prints for the jewel case and jacket, and pretty much makes the whole damn thing from scratch.  Yayla shirts are also hand-painted by Toğrul.  Is there anything this guy can’t do?

Check out the premiere track “Immortalizing the Nine” below.



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