EMETH To Enter Studio for new Album; New Drummer Nico Veroeven


Nico Veroeven

Emeth has issued the following announcement about entering the studio to record an upcoming album:

“Happy to finally start recording the new album. Its been way to long since we really saw the inside of a studio and released any new material as well. Enjoy your holidays as we work our asses off.”

“Along the process of line up shifts that happenend this year we also decided to end part ways with drummer Kevin earlier this year. His motivation for Emeth was far below zero and he preferred to focus on some other bands. But… eyes on the future:

“Today we are happy to announce that a new drummer has been found in the person of Nico Veroeven (Serial Butcher, Leptotrichia). He just needed one rehearsal to prove that he is the best fit for Emeth moving forward. Nico’s abilities on the kit, his feel, power and click tight precision, are some of the best we have ever seen and we are very excited to welcome him to Emeth’s Extreme sickness quarters.”

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