THINNING THE HERD Vocalist Makes Statement Regarding Continuing the Band

DSC_7171-Edit-800x416Gavin Spielman, vocalist of Thinning the Herd, has made an additional announcement regarding the death of Rick Cimato, the band’s drummer.

“Being in a band is about being friends. In shock and in tears over the loss of my friend and bandmate, I have to think of the band. I named the band Thinning the Herd when my father Steven A. Spielman passed, to cope with the loss.

“Rick would want me to keep writing for Thinning the Herd. If I stop, I would not be doing his legacy service. His drumming on the new record is some of the best rock I have heard, and I want you guys to hear it.

“Thank god for this guy, what a gift as a friend, brother and band mate. For anyone who jams with others, anyone who lets another into that higher conscious world – you might understand the depth of how one can integrate and nurture the spirit.”

He also further stated when responding to fans leaving comments of support:

“This is a hard one. I am blessed to have Wesley in the band, and I know we will manifest a time keeper. I am upset with myself that I am concerned with the outcome of this chosen life, that I feel the urge to create in these times. This band is about loss and gaining insight into how to rise.

“Miss my friend right after rehearsals and shows, let alone never being able to physically see him again. Rick was not just in my band, he was a great, loyal, trustworthy friend. This is painful. Thank you for all the amazing support. I have worked years on trying to build my band into a family, and he was my brother. I am no stranger to losing and mourning people I love, I am hardwired for it at this point – but want everyone to know I am OK and love you all.”

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