DON DOKKEN Discusses Dokken Guitarist Jon Levin and His Surgery

images (1)Don Dokken, frontman for Dokken, was interviewed on the “Rich Davenport’s Rock Show”.  Don discusses Jon Levin having to have surgery on his arm due to nerve damage and what the band’s plans are for the future.  You can check out the interview in the player below.

“[Dokken guitarist] Jon [Levin] had to have surgery on his arm. [It’s] pretty serious. He had some nerve damage on his left arm and he won’t be able to play for four or five months. They actually took out a rib and had to cut into his shoulder and his neck and it was pretty serious. He was losing the feeling in his hand and it was painful, so he had to have surgery. So Jon and I talked. Jon Levin has been in the band 10 years now. We’re gonna probably be both be playing guitar on the next tour. I think it will sound bigger and fuller with two guitars. Plus when it comes to solos, have a rhythm just keep going in the background. I played in Dokken on the first couple of albums and tours, I played guitar, and I’m gonna go back to that style.”

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