Interview with RYAN McCOMBS of Soil

ryan_mccombsAnthony Morgan of Metal Forces recently conducted an interview with Soil vocalist Ryan McCombs and I’ve posted just a tad of the whole interview below.

On rejoining Soil:

Ryan: “Originally, the guys came to me and asked if I was interested in being a part of the tenth anniversary of the release of ‘Scars’, our first major release back in 2001. They came to me sometime in 2011 and asked if I wanted to be a part of that. That was all the plans were. We toured the U.K. I had some down time at the time with Drowning Pool, and it sounded like it would be fun. The Drowning Pool guys understood, and they were supportive of it. It was good timing for me personally. We did it, and put our past squabbles behind us. We got together, went over, and just had a blast. At the time, I was kind of in that frame of mind. I felt like I needed a change, musically. Playing those old songs again, remembering where they came from, feeling a lot of those emotions again within those songs, and having a blast doing those shows in the U.K. was just enough to breathe life back into me. When I came back home, I was still kind of unsure about what I wanted to do. Adam [Zadel, guitar] and Tim [King, bass] and I kept talking, and things just kind of snowballed from there. We had almost too much fun, so it was hard to even think about not doing anything further. Adam and I started writing, and it just felt right. Doing the SOIL thing just kind of came naturally once again.”

On why guitarist Shaun Glass wasn’t invited to be part of the reunion:

Ryan: “When I left Soil back in the day, and again with Drowning Pool… I don’t ever wanna throw stones. Everybody’s got their reasons for the decisions that they make, and when the three of us decided to do this again, we just wanted it to be among the three of us. Again, I’m not gonna throw stones about it, because everybody’s got their reasons for feeling however they do, and within their own mind, they’re justified for it. In my mind, though, these were the guys that I wanted to do this again with. In Adam’s and Tim’s minds, this was the package they felt comfortable doing it again with. Just for the sake remaining the good person I hope I always do remain [laughs], I’ll just leave it at that.”

On leaving Drowning Pool:

Ryan: “I was the one guy that didn’t really grow up in the music business; I didn’t grow up playing music with the rest of the guys in Soil, so I was always kind of the fifth wheel with that band. When I joined Drowning Pool after a little time off in between bands, they definitely did their best to make me feel welcome and to make me feel a part of it but there was always that same kind of feeling of being the fourth wheel. To be fair to those guys, my personal life really took on some big changes. I went through a divorce during my time with Drowning Pool, and dealt with some of the personal demons that can result from those kinds of changes. Those guys really were there for me, and at the same time had to put up with a lot because of what I was going through. It did cause kind of a separation between myself and the other three members. They were really great guys and we had a lot of good times together, but there was definitely a bit of separation there that kept growing in the last few years. I joked around on the anniversary tour that I discovered I may have commitment issues, jumping around from one band to the other. [laughs] You get into a situation, and for me the business side of music has always weighed a lot on me as far as just not liking the way a lot of things are done in the business. It seems like after I’ve been involved in a certain situation for awhile, it’s hard for me to deal with a lot of the things that frustrate me about the business. It does weigh a lot on me, and I tend to lose sight of the enjoyment of it. Every once in awhile, it just seems like the way my life has gone, I just need a breath of fresh air, and something new to relight my fire and my passion for what I’ve always loved to do. It was just the right thing, the right moment.”

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