An Interview with Guitarist of THIN LIZZY and BLACK STAR RIDERS


Michael Leonard of recently conducted an interview with guitarist Scott Gorham of Thin Lizzy and Black Star Riders. Below is just a tad of that interview. What can you say about the new band?

Scott: Firstly, Brian Downey [drums] only wanted to play under the Thin Lizzy name. And that’s fine, I totally respect that. So we have a new drummer, Jimmy DeGrasso [Megadeth, Alice Cooper] for the new band. The new band is me, Damon Johnson (guitar), Ricky Warwick (vocals/guitar), Marco Mendoza (bass) and Jimmy DeGrasso (drums).Brian Downey is a little tired of the road. And Darren (Wharton, keyboards) has a movie soundtrack he wants to complete and other stuff with his own band, Dare. Does the new band have a name?

Scott: We are Black Star Riders. The plan is, we fly to L.A. second of January to start work on the album. But this is not the end of Thin Lizzy. In March 2013 we fly out to Australia to do the KISS tour as Thin Lizzy. But then, we go into rehearsal as Black Star Riders, finish the album, and we will then tour as Black Star Riders. The producer is Kevin Shirley [Aerosmith, Joe Bonamassa, Iron Maiden] at his studio in Los Angeles. We have 17 songs, the scratchings of another three. And knowing Ricky and Damon, those three will get finished soon. So there’s 20 songs to pick from. Will Black Star Riders sound very different to Thin Lizzy?

Scott: It’s tough to say how the new band will eventually sound. The songs are mostly in demo format, right now. So we need to electrify it, get Kevin Shirley’s input. But the harmony guitars, the twin solos — it’s all there, believe me!

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