New Album from NOLENTIA is Available for Pre-Order


Nolentia’s new album, May the Hand That Holds the Match That Will Set This World on Fire be Blessed Above All on CD is now available as a pre-order or as a preorder-exclusive bundle pack with the “Heal the World, Make it A Fireplace” t-shirt or girlie-shirt (two different colors available) from January 2nd, 2013 to February 3rd, 2013. International release dates are as follows:

o      Feb.4th (France, through Season of Mist)

o      Mar.4th (UK & Eire, through Code7)

o      Mar.12th (US, Canada, through MVD and digital through The Orchard)

May the Hand That Holds the Match That Will Set This World on Fire be Blessed Above All features 17 tracks of open-minded Grindcore mixing old-school Grind, Sludge, Hardcore, Doom, Crust and even some Noise parts able to please the old-school die-hard fan (think Disrupt, Terrorizer…) and the more modern sludge-head alike with a good production and a true sense for songwriting and grinding anthems.

Check out the track “More to Fear”


NolentiaCoverCCThe album is available for pre-order through Kaotoxin Records at and through No Master’s Voice at

  • The Boiling Frog Principle
  • A Lament for the Roadkill
  • Broken Toys
  • Xie Xie
  • Too Far Gone
  • On This Side of the Grave
  • More to Fear
  • Encoded
  • Wright
  • The Ticking of the Clock
  • Et in Acedia Ego
  • Gasoline
  • Darwinian
  • All About
  • The Glorious March of Progress
  • Better
  • The Second Principle

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