Drum-Cam Footage of Morbid Angel’s TIM YEUNG

Drum-cam footage of Tim Yeung (Morbid Angel, Divine Heresy, Vital Remains, Hate Eternal) performing the song “Rapture” with his Morbid Angel bandmates on October 7, 2012 at Gothic Theatre in Englewood, Colorado during the group’s North American tour with Grave and Dark Funeral can be seen below.

Morbid Angel bassist/vocalist David Vincent had this to say regarding longtime Morbid Angel drummer Pedro “Pete” Sandoval: “You know, he still has some challenges. Obviously it’s our hope that he continues to get better, but at this point, Tim Yeung is the drummer of Morbid Angel and he’s doing an excellent job.”

Regarding whether Morbid Angel has left the door open for Pete to rejoin the band whenever he feels he can perform at 100 percent again,Vincent said, “Well, we really haven’t discussed it because that has not been the case yet.”


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