What Albums Can YOU Not Wait to Hear in 2013?

There’s already been quite a few articles written about “The Best Albums of 2012” and most certainly “The Best Upcoming Albums for 2013” so I’m not going to dwell on this fact.  Instead, let’s just find out what album YOU’RE  most excited to listen to in 2013!  Throw in your votes!  When it hits 2014, we can all sit back and chide ourselves for picking the shitty album(s) that we did or we can jump up and claim how right we were.

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Most Anticipated Metal Albums 2013

1 Comments on “What Albums Can YOU Not Wait to Hear in 2013?”

  1. I would have liked to hear AngelDust – Tales From Ashes And Dust on Century Media Records but sadly
    the Dec 2012 release came and went and now on CMR website they have been moved to VIEW FORMER ARTISTS list
    so I guess something went a bit wrong LOL.

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