TREAT to Perform Final Tour; Releasing 30th Anniversary Edition Package

treat2013Treat are celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2013 and will release a special 30th anniversary edition package, containing a best of-album with two brand new songs and two previously unreleased songs, and their latest album Coup de Grace.

Treat also plans a big final tour that will will begin with some huge festival gigs in the summer.

Guitarist and songwriter Anders Wikström states:

We have a saying in Sweden: You should always leave the party when you have the most fun. Say what? Treat is breaking up! Treat has never been a more tight knit rock’n’roll unit than now, and the band is brimming with creativity and excitement. That´s why the band now chooses to call it a day; they want to, as they put it, ”end on a high note“.

We´re doin’ it out of love and respect for our fans.”We quit before they ask us to get the hell out. We want Treat´s legacy to be pure rock´n´roll happiness!

We´re going out with a bang and will give our fans a ride they didn´t even knew they wanted.”,

We wanna party with our fans”, says Robert Ernlund and adds: “The Treat´s on us”!


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