Blur Ripped Apart by Heroin Addiction

Brit rock act BLUR were torn apart by frontman Damon Albarn’s heroin addiction, according to a no-holds-barred documentary about the band through its highs and lows. Blur’s frontman, who used to date Justine Frischmann from Elastica, hinted that he had personally been involved with the deadly drug.

In the rockumentary, No Distance Left To Run, which premiered in London last night, Albarn went on to admit that he smoked a lot of marijuana when the group first disbanded in 2003.

‘I went on a fantastic voyage of discovery. I spent a lot of time in Africa just getting to know people and getting very, very stoned,’ he said.

Guitarist for the band Graham Coxon tells how he smashed up their tour bus and on another occasion tried leaping out of a third-floor window to commit suicide.

Problems began in 1992 when they toured America and started downing beer for breakfast. There were wild parties and punch-ups.

Drummer Dave Rowntree agreed: ‘There was one time when we all had a black eye from each other.’

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